•  Provision of Educational materials. 
  •  Establishing Temporal Learning Space (TLS).
  •  Behavioural Changes towards education by Creating Awareness on the importance of Education to the parents and children. 
  • Creating an enabling learning Environment for the children.


  • Community engagement towards good hygiene practices. 
  • Creating awareness and sensitization about good hygiene practices. 
  • Donation of hygiene resources to the community to strengthen the hygiene practices in the community. 
  • Establishing Hygiene promotion in the community


  • Partnering with government and food security sector/Actor for distribution of food to the community. 
  • Creating Income Generating Activities for people in the community. 
  • Establishing and monitoring kitchen garden for the people in the community.
  •  Creating an avenue for the people to learn skills or improve on their skills by making material resources available for them.
  • Empowering the people in the community with entrepreneurial resource


  • Educating women about IYCF.
  • Creating mother-to-mother support in the community. 
  • Screening and referring malnourished children to the OTP and monitor their progress (Follow up). 
  • Partnering with Government and other nutrition partners in the distribution of supplements to the children to prevent them from malnutrition

Mission Statement

To build up and enhance the quality of lives of the destitute by eliminating barriers to opportunities, promoting self-growth, empowerment for a sustainable living and reduction of hunger and malnutrition. Thereby, giving them a reason to hold onto life again and hope for the best out of it.

Vision Statement

To bring affection and delight to the destitute

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