The purpose of the event is to create a platform to connect real estate players who are directly or indirectly involved in the real estate business.

International Housing Day is an event held annually to bring together stakeholders from all sectors of the real estate business. Real estate players from different industries can connect, network and exchange ideas on healthy competitiveness, growth and development of the industry.

The purpose of the event is to create a platform to connect real estate players who are directly or indirectly involved in the real estate business.

It is an avenue for real estate workers to connect and negotiate with each other. People from different walks of life participate in this event and take the opportunity to ask questions about housing equipment. Sellers and buyers negotiate future sponsorship. For example, those who have not yet started their construction projects can negotiate materials and determine costs for a suitable budget.

Networking is meant to be a long-term deal for future profit. People connect and continue to network with each other. They have access to meet for all kinds of real estate deals.

The Abuja International Housing Day was held from 26 to 29 July 2021. This event was attractive as people from all walks of life were present, especially those involved in real estate business.
The event, which is its 15th edition, provided residents and visitors with the opportunity to negotiate with businessmen and real estate women on how to conveniently become homeowners in the current economic situation.

The event was attended by furniture manufacturers, builders and developers, distributors of home security devices and other distributors of housing materials.

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Each entity devised and deployed all available advertising strategies, including distributing brochures stating what they are dealing with.

The real estate managers present took the opportunity to discuss the connection between the country’s economy and the real estate business. They identified their impacts on each other and how everyone will positively benefit from the overall outcome of the symbiotic relationship between the two. They also advocated for policy change in some areas, especially with regard to allowing the full participation of the private sector in addressing housing problems in the country.

“This is an interesting event. The organizer really did well to make the move. Sellers and buyers network together,” said a female participant.

“Many things are done, as you can see people are making consultations, you can negotiate constructively,” he added.

“I have been participating in the annual real estate event, although it has always been memorable and amazing, however, there is no perfect system, the organizers have done well, but I will always say that there will always be something better,” said another participant.

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