A new fragrance collection and online shopping platform have been launched by the…

Nigerian company GbemiDH has launched a new fragrance collection and online shopping platform.

The company made it known in a press release issued on Sunday, May 22, 2022.

It reads, in part, “Offering its most discerning customers a greater choice, leading Nigerian elegant living brand GbemiDH has developed new versions of its popular line of home fragrances, DreamHome Scents.”

“Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays, Automatic Diffusers and Fragrance Sachets are all included in the new collection featuring 15 enticing fragrances. For your convenience, the brand has also introduced a new website, which can be found in www.gbemidh.com”.

DreamHome’s creative director, Gbemi Elekula, was quoted in the statement as saying: “With its proven links to emotion and memory, scent is a vital element of how you feel within your own home or office, and how they feel your guests about their surroundings”.

“A treasured retreat can be taken to new levels of comfort with the help of a skillfully curated scent for the home. That’s why we’ve curated all of these exquisite scents for you.”

“DreamHome Scents are made with the highest quality natural ingredients and the purest essential oils, meticulously blended to create the most pleasurable scent experience possible anywhere.”

“These fragrances are on par with the best to be found anywhere in the world. The powerful essential oils we use in our blends can help restore emotional balance, relieve unwarranted anxiety, and encourage a more positive mental attitude and general sense of well-being. wellness.”

On the website of the online business, Elekula stated that “there is a growing demand for our items both within the country and internationally.”

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“We want to make it easier for our valued customers to shop DreamHome’s range of fragrances, as well as other lifestyle products such as HUMANx art furniture, d├ęcor accessories and fashion pieces, by introducing the gbemidh.com website.” .

“We also want them to be able to receive these products anywhere in the world. The website is incredibly responsive, safe and secure, and accepts all major credit cards as payment methods.

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