Ogun State Property and Investment Corporation was established in September 1984 and legally empowered by Edict No. 10 of 1985 to function as a self-sufficient statutory corporation to solve problems associated with housing.

This was the result of the vision to establish a state-owned investment corporation in Ogun State to address the shortfall experienced by the government in meeting most of its obligations to the people. It originated under the military administration of Lieutenant General (Rtd) Oladipo Diya (FSS, MNI), Governor of the state between 1984 and 1985.

The late chief Olawale Otesile, the then permanent secretary in Ogun’s civil service, was initially attached to the corporation as a midwife. At its takeoff, Chief Otesile and OPIC began to turn vacant land into catalysts for Development. His team of vibrant officers donned the corporation’s first mantle of leadership on September 1, 1985.

Ogun State Property and Investment Corporation
Ogun State Property and Investment Corporation

The corporation’s mandates include;

  1. Development of residential communities.
  2. Development of commercial and industrial poles.
  3. Development of commercial real estate assets.
  4. Mortgage advice / developer loans
  5. Real estate brokerage service.
  6. Rental and leasing services.

Over time, OPIC has gone from strength to strength under successive administrations and has provided its clients with affordable accommodation in safe, peaceful and serene world-class environments with a conscious and determined effort so that their estate is absolutely self-sufficient to face the daily challenges of the residents.


Its headquarters is located inside the popular OPIC Roundabout, Oke Ilewo, Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, South West Nigeria, and consists of two tall buildings.

Six-story building occupied by OPIC itself. It was commissioned on April 30, 1994. The second is a twelve-story commercial office tower which was commissioned on May 12, 2011 and is currently occupied by various commercial entities including banks, insurance companies, etc.

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Currently, the corporation has created modern industrial and residential estates that have improved the quality of life of the inhabitants by providing an excellent environment of international aesthetic standards.

OPIC Functions

To this end, OPIC, being empowered to perform the functions of a planning authority on the Corporation’s properties, set aside portions of its properties in industrial and residential land for allotment of developed portions. And make them known commercially and promote Companies for purposes that may appear directly or indirectly calculated to benefit the Corporation.

As property developers, OPIC also develops, builds and manages housing and vested industrial estates not only in Ogun State but in any part of Nigeria. The Corporation is empowered to engage in the business of builders, architects, consultants, surveyors, brickmakers, block makers, and roofers, as well as real estate and real estate agents.

OPIC is also empowered to sell, lease, lease, mortgage, and otherwise deal with and dispose of any land, house, or building on its properties. OPIC estate Layout designs are carried out keeping in mind the aesthetics, peace, security, pleasure and comfort of the residents. Each Subdivision has public and social facilities such as neighborhood parks, medical offices, schools, libraries, police and fire stations, shopping complexes, banks, restaurants and nightclubs, places of worship, garbage dumps, among others.

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