“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It’s about the realities of what constitutes an attractive, civilized, and meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s hot or what’s hot. This is not an easy job.” -Albert Hadley

10 Most Creative Nigeria Interior Design Studios

Interior design, which is the art of enriching the heart of a building to achieve a healthy and unique environment for the people who use the space, is perhaps one of the most prosperous design trades in Nigeria. In fact, commerce is fast becoming an important part of Nigeria as more people learn about the impact of design on their environments. Delightfully, there are plenty of professional interior designers in the field to quench the thirst for the increasing demands for unique interior designs. Below is a list of top 10 competent interior design studios in Nigeria:

Here are the 10 most beautiful interior designs in Nigeria

1) i design

iDESIGN is an award winning interior design company based in Lagos, Nigeria. They specialize in exclusive residential and explicit commercial projects, from award-winning hotel designs to corporate offices. They are committed to creating one-of-a-kind, exceptional interior designs that add value and positively impact the lives of their clients. The firm is comprised of a team of professional interior architects, project managers, and engineers that enables them to deliver turnkey projects to their clients.

iDesign has carved a niche for itself in the industry by using defined materials to give a special and unique finish. Not only that, but the firm also takes on the contemporary and traditional Afro-style interior design market. A typical example is a look at the Bogobiri House in Ikoyi, Lagos.

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Founder Tola Akerele is an award-winning interior designer who trained at New York’s Parsons School of Design in 2006 and London’s KLC School of Design in 2009.

2) CC interior design studio

Located in Lekki, Lagos State, CC Interior Design Firm is a design firm specializing in interior, graphics and art consultancy for the hospitality, retail, commercial and residential industries; including, but not limited to, luxury apartments, corporate offices, commercial spaces, private homes, hotels, restaurants, salons, spas, and design studios.

As a result of the specialists that make up the firm’s team, they not only provide classic designs but also competent and detailed services that seek the well-being of their clients using lighting, sound and nature to create an effective space.

CC’s creative interior design skill is balanced with hard-working skills in construction and project management, technical design and architectural drafting, ensuring that every detail is specified and every nuance is accurately captured.

10 Most Creative Nigeria Interior Design 3) limited blue mahogany

Blue Mahogany Firm is one of the award winning interior design companies located in the heart of Lagos State, Nigeria. Discovering what makes them unique to their clients and enabling them to shine through amazing designs, they work with specialists inside and outside of Nigeria to provide professional design advisory and consultancy services.

The Lagos-based firm, which has offices in the UK and Nigeria, is known for its creativity and passion for beautiful design. Blue Mahogany’s designers, project coordinators and resident architects use their skills to deliver bespoke interiors that reveal the personality of their clients and enhance the unique strengths of each project through the highest degree of professionalism.

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4) DO II

With over 25 years in the furniture manufacturing and interior design industry, DO II Designs Limited have carved out a niche in the world of bespoke interiors in Nigeria. They create beautiful, valuable and fashionable interiors. They design, manufacture, deliver and install. Known for its luxury pieces and spaces, DO.II won the category of best residential designer 2012 in the first edition of the Interior Designers Excellence Awards (IDEA).

5) Gemona West Interior Design

Gemona West Interior Design is an award-winning architectural interior design firm that uses a combination of textures to create a luxuriously simple atmosphere. They transform their clients’ home or business environments to become a distinctive and personalized expression of themselves. They also provide the highest standard of design excellence for demanding and quality conscious clients.

Gemona West establishes a new era of luxury spaces in sub-Saharan Africa. Their experience and knowledge of the local and international markets make the entire design team invaluable to their clients.

6) Lifestyle outside of Africa

OA Lifestyle, the Nigerian furniture and interior design company was established a few years ago but is still dedicated to its strategy of producing aesthetically captivating and functional spaces for its clients.
They closely follow the instructions of their clients and approach each project with vitality and creativity. The firm is defined by its value of exceptional products, service and ethics.

7) Viva Bella Design

Vivabella Design, an international award-winning luxury interior design studio based in Lagos, creates and designs high-end bespoke residential projects. The firm masterfully designs and crafts modern furniture in harmony with interior designs, with a mix of high-quality materials. They also meticulously design and achieve a high level of harmonious balance that truly reflects their clients’ taste, personality and lifestyle.

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8) Spring Interiors

Abuja-based Spring Interiors Limited is an interior design company dedicated to providing clients with creative concepts, high-quality design, beauty and extraordinary service. They adapt each project to the tastes and budget of their clients. The team consisting of expert designers bring a variety of professional skills while working with their clients.

9) Homafez Interior Design

Homafez Interior Design provides interior design consulting, spatial planning, layout, and project management services for corporate, retail, hospitality, and residential projects. The firm creates a space that is aesthetically pleasing and enhances the emotional and mental well-being of its clients through a unique design process.

10) Ideal Space

Spazio Ideale is an interior design firm specializing in comprehensive interior design and consulting services and turnkey installations for various types of projects, including the corporate and residential sectors. They combine originality with the vision of their clients, to always offer amazing designs with high quality standards that expand the limits of interior design and installation. The firm has carved out a niche among the best start-up interior design firms in Nigeria.

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